LIFT IT Waterproof Mascara

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Life-proof lashes – say goodbye to panda eyes!

The brainchild of celebrity makeup artist and Skin in Motion founder Gia, this waterproof mascara lengthens and lifts for a stunning false-lash effect. If you suffer from short lashes then this is your saviour! Infused with Japanese berry kernels of the Sumac tree, it’s powered to lock in colour and shape. Perfect for sweating on the yoga mat or just having show-stopping lashes wherever you go.

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  • Description

    Product Description

    Vegan and Cruelty-free.

    Colour Black. Contains 8ml. 

    Usage Instructions: Apply from the root to the tip of your lashes. Build up as desired. 


  • Additional information

    Additional information

    Weight 0.02 kg
    Dimensions 23 × 18 × 2 cm
  • Reviews (47)

    47 reviews for LIFT IT Waterproof Mascara

    1. Tamara

      My usual go-to Spin Class mascara is Estee Lauder’s Sumptuous Extreme Waterproof. This mascara is as good, but rather than my lashes feeling a little drier and more brittle after use, they feel soft and nourished. A permanent swap for me.

    2. Nelly Coupe

      Am a bona fide mascara junkie, and embarrassed to imagine how many brands have tried on the promise of waterproof – only to wind up at work like a panda 🐼.

      The search ends here, this is bullet proof waterproof!!! It gets me through the hottest yoga, the most brutal spin class and out to work with a curl, some serious volume and a wink to boot – just love this thang!!!

    3. Sarah Glicksman

      Literally the best mascara I’ve ever used & ive tried ALOT. I have oily skin and every mascara I’ve used ends up all around my eyes, even waterproof ones. This does not budge, soft jet black lashes all day even through exercise, hay fever eyes, swimming. Definitely a must have.

    4. Evgenia Molotova

      my eye lashes are practically non-existent and also are very light, so i have been using mascara for about 20 years now and i have tried it all – expensive and cheap and was a fan of Trish Mcewoy for the last 5 years. but this little gem is cheaper and gives me the same result – i.e. no dark circles and lasts all day. one happy customer here, will certainly be coming back

    5. Fi Millar Nelson

      Every brand I’ve tried before has bled and disappeared…this product has longevity even after a 20 hour day….and no problems with sensitivity! Soooo very pleased!”

    6. Patricia

      Very happy with my mascara. Used today first time. Down by the beach very windy. Runny eyes and still good and no runs 7.5 hours later. Perfect for my sensitive eyes too. Many thanks.

    7. Audrey Krako

      I loovveee the mascara !! Probably one of the best ones yet! The brush is so amazing.

    8. Yvonne Spence

      Love, love, love this mascara. Doesn’t budge even working out on the sweltering heat. Fab find!

    9. Selena Harrison

      I have really sensitive eyes and have to put eye drops in 4 times a day, this mascara does not budge. Comes off easily without having to use a waterproof remover. Can’t recommend this highly enough.

    10. Selma

      Such a nice mascara. Light yet lifting my eyelashes in a perfect balanced way. It lasts long without drying and my eyelashes feel soft throughout the day. Nicely nourishing and lifting. Well done !

    11. Julie Edwards

      I received it yesterday. Beautifully packaged. Tried it and left on overnight. No runs or smudges but best of all, no irritation. So glad to have found it. Love it already. Thank you

    12. Lucy

      I’ve been wearing Russian lashes for a long time, obviously that all ended in March! My own lashes were really sparse and soooo short, I looked like a plucked chicken!
      After 3 months of no lashes, they’ve grown, but are still seriously lacking.
      I bought this mascara on a whim, it arrived super quick, and I’m so impressed with it.
      I’m a postie, so I’m out in all weather – this mascara makes my lashes look longer and thicker, with no smudging, and no it really is water proof!
      I love it.
      On someone with already good lashes – this stuff would be even better!!!

    13. Sheila Hall

      This is the best mascara ever , does exactly what it says on the tin !
      I’ll definitely buy again

    14. Nicola

      I used mine straight away, and I even fell asleep in it and No transfer. Fantastic!!

    15. Emma

      I was looking forward to trying this but it didn’t meet the 5* reviews I’d read. It clumped, it wasn’t any better than others that claim to keep the curl in place and is too pricey for an ok product. It doesn’t smudge like it claims which is good. Don’t think I’ll bother again.

    16. Roxie Boiston

      I have incredibly oily olive skin and I can only use one mascara which is a tubing one by boots. I have spent years and a small fortune searching for a mascara which does not have me looking like a panda in 10 minutes . I am nearly 40 and I cannot stress how thrilled I was when I looked in the mirror an hour after application and no smudges , no flaking , nothing and then again at the end of the day, i just couldn’t believe it ! Please don’t ever discontinue this mascara , for me this is the holy grail of mascaras !
      From one extremely happy customer ☺️

    17. Frances Lee

      I’ve tried loads of mascaras but this one is so natural but can be added to for a more fuller look. It doesn’t smudge and it’s not clunky like others. Best I’ve used in a long time.

    18. Lisa D

      I looked for so long for a waterproof mascara that will stay In place when I am teaching my exercise class. The search is over!! No more panda eyes and a great Price too 😍😍😍

    19. Susan Chandler

      I have just received mine and I love it. It builds up beautifully and doesn’t clump and so far…no smudges….no panda eyes, even after a hot day at work in full ppe. 🤗 x

    20. Saranb

      This is the best waterproof mascara I have ever used. Just done a Zumba class and the mascara has stayed on my lashes. First time I have not had panda eyes after a workout.

    21. Nicola

      I am a terrible ‘eye rubber’ and have spent years trying to find a mascara that doesn’t shift. THIS IS IT! At last I can get up in the morning, put it on and, bingo, no black smudges post gym, post tired eye rubbing, post crying (joking). And it looks amazing.

    22. Kit

      I bought this mascara last week on a whim, whats the harm, I thought? Went to the gym barefaced apart from this stuff. Its a bit ‘wet’ to put on, so make sure the brush has no excess on. Anyway, worked really hard; sweat pouring down my face and back. Looked in the mirror at home and, normally there would be mascara smudges or black circles under my eyes but THIS STUFF DID NOT BUDGE. 👌👌👌👌👌

    23. Ceci Mills

      I love the cool packaging, it’s been great going back to school and starting sporting activities again. The waterproof mascara stays on if I am swimming or sweating and mist after hockey is so popular with my friends

    24. Lucinda

      Hello! I’ve just received the mascara I ordered on Wednesday eve, what fab service, the packaging made me smile and the pouch is perfect for keeping my face masks in!! I’ve just put the mascara on and it’s fab, very glad I discovered you guys xx

    25. Sammy

      This is brilliant, I have really sensitive eyes but no issue with this mascara soon smudging or panda eyes at all. Takes a bit of getting off but that’s understandable👍

    26. Jill

      I’ve got your mascara and it’s absolutely brilliant!!! Does not budge! This is my go to Mascara now 👍🏻

    27. Sam S

      This is truly the best waterproof mascara I have ever found. No more panda eyes for me 👏👏👏

    28. Sharon

      Please please please reproduce without parabens! 🙁

    29. Amanda

      Received my mascara this morning and it’s absolutely amazing, no panda eyes at the end of the day! Definitely recommend!

    30. Angela B

      I have very watery eyes and this mascara is brilliant for day to day use too ☺️ so happy not to have smudges anymore.

    31. Diane H

      I love this mascara …I use it on its own and also on top of my false lash effect mascara to give it the waterproof … I can honestly say.. it works ❤️ love it 😍

    32. Sally

      I love this mascara… best I’ve bought for a longtime !!!

    33. Helen

      Lovely mascara, stays on all day! 👁 Also loved the gorgeous little bag it came in! 👍🏼

    34. Rachel Croskery

      This mascara is AMAZING! It does not move at all. I have deep set eyes and I have tried all sorts of mascaras before that have promised not to smudge and I have ended up with panda eyes. This mascara does exactly what it says – you have a fan for life now. If there were a rating for 6 stars I would give it!! 🙂

    35. Ken

      Amazing mascara! I have watery eyes and this stays on beautifully … bye bye panda eyes! Definitely recommand.

    36. Sarah

      Hey there, I’ve just received the mascara today and I’m so impressed already! I had been thinking about buying for a while and went for it on Thursday I think. delighted with the fast delivery too, thank you ☺️

    37. SG

      Oh my goodness the mascara is AMAZING!! I’m so glad I made the purchase. This is definitely my new mascara!! Thanks so so much.

    38. Nikki

      I’ve just tried it out in the swimming pool and it didn’t budge! It’s fantastic!
      I use the bodyshop camomile butter to get it off, super easily.

    39. Billur Paini

      This smashing mascara ticks all possible boxes.
      Magical touch for the short or light lashes.
      Stays all day and truly waterproof.
      Highly recommended by a happy customer.

    40. Tracy

      I love this, it’s the best mascara I’ve ever used (and that’s a lot!!!) Only one that doesn’t smudge. My only gripe is the brush, mascara clogs up on it so goes on a bit clumpy. Brush through with a spooly after & it’s fine. 😊

    41. Lorraine

      Brilliant mascara. Beautifully packaged and quick delivery. Would recommend and will definitely buy again.

    42. Roz

      I’ve tried many waterproof mascaras but mostly they just aren’t up to the job. Unfortunately my eyelids seem to sweat quite a bit and so by the end of a normal day even the ones that say they are waterproof have left big smudges – even when I only put the mascara on my top lashes… Now this really does work – I have zero smudges 🙂 I can also wear it on my bottom lashes too with no problems… I also thought I would try and wear it overnight to see what it looked like in the morning – still no smudges. And another thing – I cried with a friend as he was struggling – and still no smudges… I don’t tend to wear mascara when I go out running but know this will be fine if I do!
      This really does work – at last! Thank you 🙂

    43. Georgia Howard

      Love this product! Doesn’t budge or smudge during running, horse riding and working in the rain!

    44. Sara

      I love this mascara. It’s perfect for everyday. As a redhead, I have very light lashes, so I like wearing mascara daily, but dread the raccoon eyes that come whenever I work out. Problem solved thanks to this product! The mascara defies all logic and past mascara experiences – it stays putt through workouts and rain, but washes off easily when I want to wash it off. How do you do it, Gia?! The black is a rich black color. I do love the look when I curl my lashes before putting this on, but even without that it gives the definition I want. And it’s not too crunchy, nor does it flake off like other product.

    45. Kerry M

      I love this mascara. I spent years trying to find ones that actually works and this one most definitely does

    46. Kate

      This mascara is great. I have naturally long eye lashes and it goes on easily without clumping It stays on all day and doesn’t need topping up throughout the day.

    47. Elisabetta Tuxford

      Always used smash box waterproof mascara. However decided to try this new one… and it turned out to be amazing .

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