12 Ways to Save Money on Makeup Without Sacrificing Your Looks

12 Ways to Save Money on Makeup Without Sacrificing Your Looks

Every woman wants to look their best self all the time, but like with everything in life, it comes with a cost. It is no secret that makeup, skincare, haircare, and other beauty treatments are expensive. However, various tips are available that you can use to manage makeup expenses within a predetermined budget. Here are some of them:

Do Your Research

Do your research before purchasing any expensive products. Browse samples, read reviews and blogs, or watch YouTube videos from your favourite beauty influencers. Additionally, examine the reviewer’s skin tone, skin type, and her home country’s environment. Because of their cold weather, Western bloggers usually use thicker, full-coverage makeup, but these products might be too much for those who live in tropical environments. Be smart with such minor details.

Subscribe to a Beauty Subscription Box

Whilst subscription boxes are frequently considered to discover new products, they are also a fantastic way to save money on pricey beauty releases because a product sample can last a long time! 

Make a Routine Inventory

Go over your skincare and makeup supplies once every month. Throw away everything that has expired, and consider donating items you don’t use anymore. It will help you better understand what you have and prevent you from making unnecessary purchases.

Utilize Multipurpose Makeups

Nowadays, a lot of beauty products offer multipurpose use. They can replace separate products, ultimately saving you time and money and freeing up space in your makeup bag. For example, you can use your lipstick as a cream blusher or take your eyeshadow, setting spray, and an angled brush to use as an eyeliner. This WORK IT tinted moisturiser is an affordable option that you can use as a moisturizer and a natural everyday base. 

Instead of Throwing, Fix Broken Makeup

Instead of throwing away your caking and broken eyeshadow and pressed powders, spray some rubbing alcohol on top and use a brush to smooth it out. You can reuse your cosmetics when the alcohol evaporates, and it won’t shatter. If the makeup is seriously damaged, scrape it into a tiny jar and use that instead to apply using a makeup brush.

Another way is mixing an old, heavy foundation that you don’t use anymore with your daily moisturizer to create a fresh look. 

Keep an Eye on Makeup Expiration Dates

Yes, makeup loses effectiveness over time, sooner for some than others. You may be about to waste hundreds of dollars if you have a lot of opened makeup that is getting older.

Make it a point to use any makeup that is about to expire by checking the date on the packaging. Going on a makeup spending freeze can help you save even more money if you have a lot of makeup that needs to be used up soon.

Always Look for Budget Beauty Brands

You don’t always have to opt for the most expensive or renowned makeup brands to get quality products. Many beauty brands out there offer medium-range makeup where you can trust the quality but you know you aren’t overpaying for the brand, helping you save money in the long run.

Find Your Signature Style

A signature style sounds much fancier than it is. You typically have a go-to daily makeup routine or eye makeup that you are good at.

You can use less makeup if you reduce the variety of looks you wear. If you have 20 makeup palettes and lipstick tubes, it’s doubtful that you use them all regularly. 

We suggest creating a signature daily style, timeless evening look, and bold party look. To help you save time and money, you can use Skin in Motion’s BLEND IT Sweatproof Concealer as it provides extra coverage to hide blemishes whenever you’re on the go. 

Start With a Good Skincare Routine

Your skin serves as the backdrop for your cosmetics. If you are achieving a specific look, you will need more makeup, especially if your skin is dry, spotty, or greasy.

After a long day, removing makeup is crucial in a proper skincare routine. If you leave any makeup overnight, your pores will block, causing breakouts that then need covering.

Skincare doesn’t have to cost a lot of money. There are skincare products that are perfect for your skin without breaking the bank, like Skin in Motion’s PURIFY IT Witch Hazel Water. With powerful antioxidants, this natural atringent is known to treat acne-prone skin, lifting impurities, soothing irritations, and preventing loss of your skin’s moisture. 

By using affordable drugstore brand products, you can learn what your skin wants and needs to look its best. Plus, it gives you the assurance that your skin won’t experience breakouts even without using makeup for acne

Look For Makeup Dupes

Dupes is short for duplicates in the realm of makeup. The only difference between many high-end favourite products marketed by less expensive brands is the packaging. If there’s a reasonably priced beauty dupe you can try out in place of a favourite product that you can’t live without, do that first.

Use Every Last Bit

The pumps and applicators used to apply cosmetics can leave behind a lot of products. Get every last drop of the bottle’s contents before recycling the containers. You may need to get scissors out!

Final Thoughts

Spending less on makeup doesn’t have to be restricting. There are numerous practical and simple solutions that won’t feel constrained so that you can save money.

Author: Myrtle Bautista