About Skin in Motion


Skin in Motion was founded by Gia Mills, a London-based celebrity and fashion makeup artist.

After hearing from numerous clients who struggled to find daily beauty products they could confidently wear to match their busy lifestyles, Gia noticed there was no makeup available that was both good for your skin and reliably stayed put without sweating or flaking off... a realisation which inspired her to create her own range!

Today, Gia and the Skin in Motion team are on a mission - to empower us with a range of beauty essentials that are sweat-friendly, formulated to meet the unique demands of our active lifestyles, from exercising to sunny holidays or handling hot flushes. So you can keep your cool even when your skin doesn’t.

Our Ethics

We are proud to be cruelty-free! All products are also vegan 💚 (except our Lipbalm that contains a by-product of wool)

We only use non-toxic ingredients that are as sustainable and as natural as possible without compromising the performance and purpose of the formulation.

We're on a journey to be as responsible, sustainable and clean as possible, continuously evolving, improving and challenging ourselves to do better.

Transparency in our sourcing, ingredients and sustainable credentials is crucial, so do email us and ask to double-check anything.

Our Mission

Promote The Power Of Exercise

Being part of a team has positive effects on mental health, confidence and sense of belonging. Sign up to our newsletter to keep up to date with what's on, and join us at one of our fitness events!

Give All US Women The TOOLS

Our aim is to give all women the tools to boost confidence and allow them to benefit from the power of exercise for both physical and mental well-being.

Support Charities & Causes We Love

At Skin in Motion we do our best to support charities and organisations that empower women, and celebrate getting active! 

Our Environmental Promise

Cruelty - Free & FSC certified

All of our products are proudly cruelty-frere and come with FSC certified outer packaging.

Recyclable Packaging

Our products are made using recyclable plastic and cardboard

Less Unnecessary Plastic

We minimise our packaging when creating our products to reduce plastic waste - using only what we need. This also makes the products easier to transport!