• Just wow. I exercise before work, during lunch and sometimes I squeeze in another workout after work - if you exercise and like to wear make up, this is the brand for you!
  • “All I can say is 'wow' this is a game-changer...More power to this female-founded brand!”
  • It doesn't take a genius to know that many of us want to look good while we exercise but it takes someone pretty special to do something this good that solves the problem.
  • “This concealer has got to be my favourite product. It is so versatile and blended in very easily with my skin tone, covering blemishes, dark shadows and looked so natural. It lasted all day. A multi-use concealer everyone should have, as it’s so good.”
  • My sensitive combination skin loves the tinted moisturiser! It leaves my skin looking glowing and radiant without irritation! Stays in place all day from doing a sweaty workout to lots of meetings!
  • It's fantastic! I've worn the tinted moisturiser all day at work with a mask and to the gym and it still feels and looks great!

Formulated alongside award-winning cosmetic chemists and trialled on athletes in the most intensive workouts, Skin in Motion guarantees sweatproof formulas that are safe to wear and trusted to stay put.