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Keeping your skin healthyMake-up and exercise?
How to keep your skin healthy during exercise.

The Science.
When we sweat our pores open to regulate our temperature, but also the grime from what is already on the face sweeps into the pores and mixes with the impurities that are expelled with the sweat. So as you start to cool down after your workout, the skin will re-absorb the dirt which can lead to pesky skin concerns such as acne, dehydration, skin irritation and rashes.

The Steps:
1. Remove Sweat: If you're not showering at the gym, be sure the one thing you do is clean your face post-workout. Particularly if you're acne-prone, a tip with salicylic acid can help prevent clogged pores that lead to pimples.2. Hydrate: Opt for a very light one or a hydrating mist. Heavier moisturisers can act as a barrier, sealing in the sweat and not allowing it to evaporate.
Makeup and exercise, should you or shouldn’t you?

Our philosophy has always been, whatever makes you feel confident when working out – be it go-faster-stripe blue eyeliner, a touch of skin coverage or not a jot of makeup. Just ensure if you do wear makeup that is healthy for your skin and stays put. 

A daily makeup you can trust
Our makeup looks after your skin, whilst giving you a fresh ‘no makeup makeup’ look that lasts and withstands the demands of busy lives
This is literally THE best mascara I've ever used. It doesn't move and is a million times better than my usual Dior Iconic overcall waterproof mascara - which I still can't believe!

Stayed on perfectly so I felt confident, I looked good even when I was hot and sweaty.

Have put the mascara through its paces at a couple of gym sessions now. It's terrific, no smudges or smearing at all. It's also easy to remove. 5 stars!

- Chrissy
Hydrating COOL IT mist does what it says on the tin!!

- Eve Cameron RED MAGAZINE


We're proud to be vegan and cruelty free!
We only use non-toxic ingredients that are as sustainable and as natural as possible without compromising the performance and purpose of the formulation.

We are on a journey to be as responsible, sustainable and as clean as possible. We are a brand in motion, we will continuously evolve, improve and challenge ourselves to do better.

We feel transparency in our sourcing, ingredients and sustainable credentials is crucial. We don’t want to greenwash, so do email us and ask 
us anything if you want to double check, if we don’t know the answer straight away, we 
will find it out for you!



We at Skin and Motion want to make sure you can look and feel your best no matter what's going on. Whether you have oily, dry or combination skin, our makeup takes seconds to apply, stays put all day and is formulated to survive everything from hot yoga to running around with the kids. Skin in Motion skincare cleanses, deeply hydrates and beautifully nourishes skin to keep you radiant and soft no matter where you are. Formulated by makeup artists, award winning cosmetic chemists and trialled on athletes in the most intensive workouts, guaranteeing a sweat-proof, non-comedogenic formula.


Join us on our road show of fitness events to try the products, join us working-out, running, spinning and more when lockdown eases!

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