How to keep your skin healthy during exercise

How to keep your skin healthy during exercise

How to Keep Skin Healthy during Exercise

The Science

Why is it so important to have a good post-workout skincare routine and keep your skin healthy during exercise?

When we sweat our pores open to regulate our temperature, but also the grime from what is already on the face sweeps into the pores and mixes with the impurities that are expelled with the sweat. So as you start to cool down after your workout, the skin will re-absorb the dirt which can lead to pesky skin concerns such as acne, dehydration, skin irritation and rashes.

The Steps to Keep Your Skin Healthy During Exercise:

1. Remove Sweat: If you’re not showering at the gym, be sure the one thing you do is clean your face post-workout. Particularly if you’re acne-prone, a wipe with salicylic acid can help prevent clogged pores that lead to pimples.

2. Hydrate: It’s vital to rehydrate your skin after sweating. However, ensure you opt for a very light moisturiser or a hydrating mist. Heavier moisturisers can act as a barrier, sealing in the sweat and not allowing it to evaporate.

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Makeup and exercise, should you or shouldn’t you?

Our philosophy has always been to wear whatever makes you feel confident when working out – be it go-faster-stripe blue eyeliner, a touch of skin coverage or not a jot of makeup. Just ensure if you do wear makeup that is healthy for your skin and stays put.
However, this can be easier said than done. With the abundance of choices we have in makeup products, it can be difficult to find products that you can trust to look after your skin as well as provide the long-lasting coverage required to withstand activity. That’s where Skin in Motion comes in. The brand was founded to provide women with a trustworthy and confidence-boosting range of makeup and skincare, which looks after your skin whilst giving you a fresh ‘no makeup makeup’ look that lasts and withstands the demands of busy lives.