Why It’s Okay To Wear Makeup When Exercising

Why It’s Okay To Wear Makeup When Exercising

Whether doing your daily round of metabolic workouts or running your favourite route, we know you still want to look good while exercising. After all, looking good makes you feel more confident about yourself. And with this confidence boost, you're bound to bring out your very best while exercising. However, you've probably heard from everyone and read everywhere that it's best to avoid a full face of makeup when exercising - whether you're working out indoors or outdoors. They'll say it's a bad habit or that it can ruin your skin.

The truth is that having too much of it can be harmful as it clogs your pores. However, light coverage and being extra hygienic might do the trick! 

If your concern is breaking out, makeup when exercising should be the least of your worries. 

Makeup When Exercising Isn’t What’s Causing Your Breakouts 

Whether you're exercising while on your period or decompressing from an all-nighter with a morning yoga session, you should remember that it isn't makeup causing your breakouts.

It could be that you're stressed or that your progesterone and oestrogen levels are dropping due to your menstruation. However, it could also be because of the exercise equipment you're using. For example, elliptical machine handles, weights, and yoga mats serve as havens for acne-causing germs. 

So, every time you touch your face while exercising, you’re effectively transporting germs to yourself—whether or not you have makeup on. 

The lesson here is to wash your hands frequently, disinfect gym equipment before and after every use, and avoid touching your face (except when you're washing it, of course). 

How To Wear Makeup When Exercising

Here are some things to keep in mind whilst wearing makeup when exercising. 

Prepare your Face

Opt for a hydrating and brightening skincare routine if you want to give your skin a little boost before hitting the gym. Skincare, after all, is the basis for any makeup look. So don't forget to add your favourite products to your basic makeup kit

Cleanse your face with an oil-free cleanser before working out if you have oily or acne-prone skin. This gets rid of any bacteria that might enter your soon-to-be-open pores. 

On the other hand, if you have sensitive skin, apply a layer of light moisturiser or, better yet, a face mist to protect your skin if it tends to experience a burning sensation when you sweat. Avoid using heavy moisturisers with thickening agents like dimethicone, which can clog pores. 

Stick to a natural astringent like witch hazel, which can also act as a toner to give you that more radiant and plump look. Applying this ensures that your skin is cleansed and free of impurities while giving it long-lasting hydration. 

No matter if you're exercising outside or not, always wear sunscreen. Use a water-resistant one that has an SPF of 30 or higher. If you have oily skin, you can also use an oil-free sunscreen solution so it won't clog your pores. Remember, the sun can also give rise to breakouts! Sun exposure dries out your skin, which makes your body produce more oils. This then causes acne and clogged pores.

Be Smart About The Products You'll Use

Applying tons of makeup products before running out the door or hitting the gym is a recipe for disaster. Don’t go overboard! Thick, oily foundations are the worst choice during exercise. Layering them on your face blocks sweat and sebum from leaving your skin. This traps bacteria and leads to acne and blackheads. 

Make sure you're using sweatproof makeup products and applying your foundation, BB cream, primer, and cover-up with a light hand. Trust us, even dabbing small amounts of product will go a long way! 

Be careful with your eye makeup! Whatever you put on might get into your eyes and smear all over your face as you sweat. If you want a little definition, go with waterproof mascara and liner made for exercising. 

Lastly, wearing regular lipstick is a no-no when working out. Sweat and humidity will only worsen smudging and bleeding. Instead, dab on a lipstain or tinted lipbalm with SPF, especially if you’ll be exercising outdoors! Lipstains or tinted lipbalms are typically more lightweight and longer-lasting than lipsticks. Plus, they leave a healthy-looking touch of colour behind without blotchiness as it fades off. 

Pro tip: use a product that contains shea butter, rosehip, and the like so that your lips will stay smooth no matter how much you sweat! 

Remember to Clean It Up

You must clean your skin as quickly as possible after working out! That extra sweat plus the makeup? It will make your face a breeding ground for bacteria, clogged pores, and breakouts. 

So wash your face with a mild, oil-free cleanser or use a biodegradable cleansing wipe or a post-workout mist if you’re somewhere without a locker room. This will effectively cleanse your skin and remove bacteria. 

You can follow up with a moisturiser. However, keep in mind that your skin is more sensitive after exercising, so stick to gentle products. Be gentle and don’t rub or use hot water, as doing so might aggravate your skin.

Lastly, change out of your workout clothes if you aren’t taking a shower and wipe down your entire body (not just your face!) with pads containing salicylic acid to prevent clogged pores. 

Feel Confident And Strong Without Worrying About Breakouts!

At the end of the day, go with whatever makes you feel most comfortable and confident! If you find it impossible to give up your makeup when exercising, try some exercise-friendly skinwear options. 

From tinted lipbalms to sweatproof concealers, Skin In Motion’s got you covered!