9 Summer Skincare Tips to Stay Fresh and Beat the Heat

9 Summer Skincare Tips to Stay Fresh and Beat the Heat

Summer means the sun's rays are stronger than ever, and we need to watch out for harmful UV rays and pesky breakouts. To make sure your skin is protected while you go on fun adventures with your friends, we’ve made a list of essential summer skincare tips. Continue reading if you want to keep your skin healthy and glowing all summer long!

Simplify your summer skincare.

Increased sweating is an inevitable effect of the hot summer weather. This is natural, and we need to work with it instead of against it. In this case, when planning your summer skincare regimen, consider using more lightweight products. That’s because heavy skincare and makeup products can clog your pores and interfere with the sweating process. Your pores need to open when you sweat, and this also allows the release of toxins inside the pores. So, swap out your cream cleanser with a lighter one and use a water-based moisturizer instead of a cream-based one.

Use witch hazel products.

Witch hazel is a popular skincare ingredient with a host of benefits. It is usually found in cleansers and toners. Not only is witch hazel an antioxidant, but it also tightens pores and helps control oil production. These perks make it a perfect cleansing product, especially for your summer skincare. Witch hazel water can be used in the evening to remove the oil and grime from your pores. It also closes your pores, which allows your skin to retain more moisture.

Exfoliate regularly.

Toning and cleansing after a busy day at the beach is a must. Exfoliants get rid of the dead skin cells that accumulate on the surface of your skin. These skin cells make your face look dull, and exfoliating once a week gives you a brighter complexion. You can use a scrub, mask, or chemical peel for exfoliation. Just make sure not to exfoliate more than two times a week so you won’t dry your skin out. Plus, remember that chemical exfoliants can make your skin more sensitive to sun damage. So, don’t overdo it!

Add vitamin C serum to your summer skincare routine.

Vitamin C serum is okay to use every season, but its benefits can be appreciated even more in the summer months. That’s because, in the summer, we are more likely to develop dark spots and fine lines. Plus, the harsh sunlight breaks down our collagen. Fortunately, Vitamin C is excellent for preventing hyperpigmentation, reducing the appearance of fine lines, and boosting collagen production. So, just add a few drops of Vitamin C serum after you cleanse and before you moisturize to give your skin an added layer of protection.

Try out multi-purpose moisturizers.

Light moisturizers with SPF can help you avoid product buildup. Although SPF moisturizers are not substitutes for regular sunscreen, they are sweat-proof and won’t clog your pores. A light moisturizer with SPF 30 also works great for those who don’t have skin issues like eczema. Meanwhile, a thicker moisturizer coupled with additional products can clog your pores and lead to inflammation or breakouts. So, opt for a multi-use moisturizer instead. If you’d still like a regular moisturizer, try to look for one with argan oil. This boosts your skin’s hydration and reduces the need for your skin to overproduce sebum. 

Spray mists for round-the-clock hydration.

Hydration is really important in hot weather. So, besides applying moisturizer in the morning and evening, make sure to drink plenty of water and add water-rich fruits and vegetables to your diet. A mist also helps with hydration since you can bring it and spray it on your face whenever you need an extra dose of moisture.

Wear sweat-proof products.

Nothing feels worse than going out with a gorgeous face of makeup only to have it melted by the sun in minutes. The solution? Wear sweat-proof makeup. From concealing acne to creating a flawless makeup base, you can rest assured that the makeup you worked hard to put on, stays on your face all day.

Apply SPF on your lips, too!

When talking about skincare, we often neglect to mention body skincare or products for the lips. But every part of our skin that gets exposed to the sun needs extra love and protection. So, replace your regular lippie with an SPF lip balm to ensure that your lips stay hydrated and kissable.

Dive Into Summer Skincare

No amount of sweat and heat should stop you from living your best life this summer. So, scale back on heavy skincare products. Instead, add witch hazel water, vitamin C serum, and multi-purpose moisturiser to your summer skincare routine. Don’t forget the hydrating mists, SPF lip balm, and sweat-proof makeup, too. 

To learn more about how to beat the heat, visit Skin in Motion and find other sweat-proof products you can use this summer.