Love the planet with Skin In Motion ♻️❤️

Love the planet with Skin In Motion ♻️❤️

make green your beauty routine

It is no secret that the beauty industry is unfortunately a major contributor to the plastic crisis, with millions of plastic packaging ending up in landfills or the ocean each year... But there is hope for change with a rising number of environmentally-friendly initiatives that together can make a huge difference 💪

you want change

♻️ 67% of consumers think packaging should be environmentally friendly*

♻️ Consumers reveal that environmental impact is a major driver in their purchase decisions*

♻️ 50% of consumers in the UK are already recycling their bathroom waste

*Source GWI 2019 survey

doing our bit

♻️ At Skin In Motion all of our packaging is recyclable and the outer packaging is FSC certified

♻️ We also reduce plastic waste by using less unnecessary packaging... our bottles may seem smaller than other brand's, but they're still full of the same amount of gorgeous product


L'Oréal have introduced new recycling bins for all make-up brands across 1,000 UK stores... including Boots, Superdrug, Tesco & Sainsbury's!

Click the link below to watch the fab eco and cruelty free make-up guru Em-J (@oh.emj) demonstrate how to recycle your Skin In Motion Work It Tinted Moisturiser bottle...

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