Why use our products? 

1. Exercise can break down skin's collagen quicker, thus can cause skin to prematurely show signs of ageing

2. Many foundations clog your skin’s pores whilst exercising which can cause breakouts and skin irritation

3. A lot of makeup does not stay put / runs when you sweat / exercise


Skin In Motion skincare cleans, deeply hydrates and beautifully (re)nourishes exercise stressed skin

Skin In Motion makeup enhances, stays put and gives you the confidence to be your best self when you exercise

Formulated by makeup artists, award winning cosmetic chemists and trialled extensively on athletes

Why did we start Skin In Motion? 

Gia is a London based celebrity and fashion makeup artist for clients including Hollywood actors and many fashion brands.

She is also a super keen marathon, yoga, adventure racing, cycling and dragon boating enthusiast.

When she heard that 75% of women put off exercise for fear of being judged over their appearance* she wanted to change that.

So utilising her expertise and know how in makeup and skincare, as well as understanding the therapeutic benefits of exercise both physically and mentally, she and the wonderful team set to work on creating Skin In Motion. We want to empower you gorgeous women to put on your pink leg warmers and book that spin class.
(*Sport England Survey)

And our mission? Simple

Being part of a team has such positive effects on mental health, confidence and sense of belonging. We have a calendar of exercise events we are attending, come join us, experience the brand, literally in motion.

Via our skincare and makeup range, give all us women the tools to boost our confidence and allow us to benefit from the power of exercise for both physical and mental wellbeing

Which highlight the positive correlation between exercise and good mental health.
This Girl Can

Clean Beauty

We are on a journey to be as responsible, sustainable and as clean as possible. We are a brand in motion, we will continuously evolve, improve and challenge ourselves to do better.

We feel transparency in our sourcing, ingredients and sustainable credentials is crucial. We don’t want to greenwash, so do email us and ask us anything if you want to double check, if we don’t know the answer straight away, we will find it out.

Current Clean Beauty Credentials

Outer packaging: FSC certified 
Inner packaging: All 100% recyclable (with mission to work with our suppliers in the next year to bring ALL packaging to the highest sustainable standard). This includes refills and non virgin packaging.
Ingredients: To utilise ingredients that are as sustainable and as natural as possible without compromising the performance and purpose of the formulation.
Cruelty Free: none of our products or ingredients have or will be tested on animals.
Vegan: All our products are vegan except for the waterproof mascara. So far we have not been able to find a formulation that is vegan but is also waterproof, but are working with our cosmetic chemists to find a solution.